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Augustine Bookroom
In the words of Augustine himself: "...take up and read..."

Visit the Augustine Bookroom online or in person located on the CPBC premises. An excellent and carefully selected collection of books at really low prices.


folder icon 961 Bible Exposition Audio

Sermons recorded at Constantia Park Baptist Church.

folder icon 4 Missions 2014

Missions Conference held at CPBC 12 to 14 September 2014
Theme: Missions & Evangelism
Speaker: Dr Robert J McKelvey

folder icon 1 Musical Items

Musical Items recorded at CPBC

folder icon 5 Missions 2013

Missions Conference held at CPBC 16 to 19 May 2013

Theme: The Local Church and Missions

folder icon 2 Weddings
Wedding ceremonies held at CPBC
folder icon 1 Documents
Church documents that should be available for download
folder icon 2 Memorial Services
Memorial Services given at CPBC

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